In Time’s Shadow Lies Opportunity


Opportunity doesn’t come knocking. One must prepare for it using strong foresightedness and recognise using sharp vision in the first place. And then must pursue it with undeterred determination before it passes away. The key here is being prepared and seizing when it comes our way, even if not entirely ready then. The year that went by was a testimony to how at Hindustan Foods Limited, our customer-centric business model and the excellent team kept us prepared. It helped us embrace every opportunity and made way for our success through hard work and resolve.

Despite the various lockdowns and other strict Government restrictions and regulations in different cities, we, at Hindustan Foods Limited, had an exceptional year. We clocked in healthy growth across our financial and operational metrics, posting our best-ever financial performance. With constant support from our Customers, a solid all-around working team, dedicated management and our decentralised manufacturing strategy, we have been able to welcome every opportunity that came our way with both our hands – making the most of it.

At Hindustan Foods Limited (HFL), we believe this is our Kairos year – a period where we seized multiple opportunities that came our way. The hourglass further emphasises the essence of seizing on the opportunity and striking it at the right time. For we know, it’s about getting the timing right and that everything has its time.

It is Kairos who guided us to stay the course, grab the time and turn it to our favour, because we believe, In Time’s Shadow Lies Opportunity.