Stormy Seas Shape Skilled Sailors


The illustration portrays the Greek mythological classic - Jason and the Argonauts. It's a story about Jason’s journey to his quest. The route to his destination was full of unseen challenges. But Jason, along with his strong and skilled crew of Argonauts continued sailing on his pursuit. Together, they surfed through rough storms while facing extreme troubles on the way to reach their destination.

This legendary story, and its champions fittingly depict our journey, and synergy as an accomplished team. Jason, with his undying spirit and exceptional leadership qualities, stands for our Customers – the reason behind our existence. Whereas, the Argonauts represent our team that brings together expertise in different areas.

The stormy scene outlines the challenges and hurdles that prevailed last year, owing to the difficult macroeconomic conditions and more recently, the nCov pandemic. Its an apt representation of our determination to navigate through troubled waters with equanimity. It stands for our valor which gives us a ray of sunshine at the end of the storm. Our victories are reflected in the well-synced teamwork between us and our customers, along with our team’s mettle, preparedness, and strong resolve.