There is a tide in the affairs of men


This phrase is borrowed from Shakespeare’s 'Julius Caesar', where Brutus talks to Cassius saying, “There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune”. Brutus, Caesar’s assassin, is urging Cassius to march on Philippi to meet Octavius and Anthony in the struggle for power in Rome. Cassius is reluctant, but Brutus argues that it must be now or never.

Brutus means to say that the key to success in life lies in knowing that a tide, or simply the motivation of men, and it is up to a man to recognize, and seize the opportunity. This is a metaphorical expression. In our lives, we get ebbs and flows; however, we sometimes are unable to recognize whether the tide is an opportunity or an obstacle. It is up to us to avail ourselves of an opportunity or a warning sign.

Covid-19 was/is a tide that gave an impetus to our ship to sail in rough waters. We at Hindustan Foods Limited have accepted it as an opportunity of a lifetime and are committed to leverage this opportunity.